Discipline : Agronomy



Soil sample collection, soil testing and its importance

Management of viral diseases in chilli

Soil test based fertilizer application in Paddy and Maize

Integrated pest and disease management in chilli

Weed management in Direct sown paddy

Integrated Pest and disease Management in Paddy

Weed management in rice fallow blackgram

Rodent pest management in paddy

Drip fertigation in cotton and chilli.

Management of Sucking pests in cotton

Identification and reclamation of micronutrient deficiencies in field crops

Integrated Pest management in Mango

Paddy Seed production at farmer level

YMV Management in Pulses

Management practices for zero tillage maize in rice fallows

pink bollworm Management in  cotton

Crop management practices based on the weather conditions

Bud necrosis management in black gram

Integrated farming system approach-Importance

Viral diseases management in vegetables

Management and maintenance of  Drip and Sprinkler system

Integrated pest management in Rice, Black gram, cotton, chilli  crops

Biofertilizers and their benefits in crop production

Eco-friendly pest management in Cotton

Integrated weed management in field and horticultural crops



                 Discipline : Horticulture                



Discipline: Agril.Extension


Post-harvest cultural practices in mango

Farm ponds technology and its importance

Integrated crop production technology in chilli

Efficient water management practices in Rice, cotton and maize

Importance of drip irrigation cum fertigation in vegetable crops

Contingent crop planning under drought situation

Importance of micro nutrients in horticultural crops

Farm mechanization in growing rice and pulses

Benefits of mulching in horticulture crops

Use of ICTs in agriculture

Integrated  crop management in mango

Integrated farming systems for sustainable livelihoods

Terrace gardening

Self employment opportunities for rural youth

Awareness on utilization of Ethylene in Mango ripening

Use of electronic tools in transfer of technology

Shadenet cultivation of  Vegetables and Flowers

Good agricultural practices in rice, cotton, maize, pulses & vegatables

Identification and management of micro nutrient deficiencies in horticultural crops


Weed management in horticultural crops


Discipline:Veterinary Science

 Discipline :  Home Science


Summer Management of Buffaloes

 Training on vermi compost

Importance of Deworming and Vaccination  in Sheep with Broad spectrum Antihelminthic

Importance of millets in health

Importance of Deworming and Vaccination in Backyard Poultry

Value added products with tomato

Package of Practices Draught Resistant Fodder Anjan Grass (Bundel, IGFRI)

Multi Nutrition Garden 

Use ofArea Specific  Mineral Mixture in Buffaloes

Preparation of weaning mixes

Importance of Silage and its usage

Mushroom cultivation

Integrated Farming System Approach for ensuring Better Returns

Preparation of herbal henna and bath powder

Scientific Rearing of Improved Varieties of Backyard Poultry

Importance of pre school education

Silage making–Pit and Bag Methods

Preparation of herbal henna & value added products

Dairy Farmer Enterpeuner

Value added products with fruits and vegetables


Tie and dye of fabrics