Evaluation and popularization of promising/improved varieties have been carried out through Front line demonstrations, On farm demonstrations and On farm trials in the crops Rice, Redgram, Greengram, Blackgram, Castor, Cotton, Vegetables like Tomato, Bhendi, and Brinjal. The proven technologies including IPM, INM strategies in Rice, Cotton and Pulses were demonstrated in both the adopted villages and at the KVK farm.

In addition to the above demonstrations, Units on dairy, poultry, backyard poultry, sheep, vermicompost, Azolla production, fodder crops, compost making were established for educating the farmers in view of workout the viability at farmers level. Conducted training programmes (180) to farmers, farm women and rural youth on the proven technologies.

Keeping in view of the changing scenario demonstrations are being taken up on crop diversification with ID crops like castor, maize, direct seeded and machine transplanted rice to evaluate the feasibility in farmers fields besides seed production in Rice (BPT 5204, MTU 1010), Maize, Redgram (LRG 41) Greengram (LGG 460) Blackgram (LBG 752, LBG 623, LBG 20) and Castor (PCH 111) for the benefit of the farmers.

Linkage is being maintained with research institutions of ICAR, State Agricultural Universities and line departments of the State including Agriculture, Horticulture, Animal Husbandry, Irrigation and allied sectors which are involved in overall development of the farming community by way of organizing Training and Visit workshops, Zonal Research and Extension Advisory Council meetings and Scientific Advisory Council meetings besides organising field extension activities.

For effective dissemination of technologies the scientists of KVK are deeply involved in conduct of diagnostic field visits, training programmes, group discussions method demonstrations, eradication of Parthenium awareness programmes, Flag method of extension etc., in adopted villages and in the district. Preparation of literature on new improved technologies in the form of pamphlets, booklets and book and technology information through print and electronic media were taken up from time to time in order to enhance technical knowhow among the farming community.

To uplift the economy of rural women, scientists are concentrating in carrying out income generation activities like multipurpose nutrition gardens and backyard poultry, preparation of phenyl, detergents, squashes and embroidery techniques.